about staradustclub

A hideout in one of Kyoto's leading tourist attactions, Pontocho

A cozy space where Blues, Jazz, Swing, Jump, R&B, Jive, Soul, Funk and Gospel plays from the Tannoy speakers and you can spend your time as you please.

On Live Music Days, good entertainment unfolds right in front of you.

During your travels in Japan, stop by for an unforgettable experience.

We look forward to meeting you one day.


◆ There is no cover charge on regular business days

◆ On Live Music Days there is a music charge or a tip is welcome.


BEER (Japanese YEBISU) ¥700〜

WINE ¥800

SAKE ¥800

WISKEY ¥800〜


※with soda/ginger ale/coke/juice ¥100



Homemade minced meat curry \1200

Homemade hamburg steak \1200

Roast beef \1200

Grilled chicken \1000

Pizza toast \700


CHEESE    ¥800



access stardustclub

From Kawaramachi Station: Go East from exit 1A. Then, before the Shijyou Ohashi Bridge there is a Police Station. Turn north onto the street after the police station; the entrance to Pontocho. Go north 50 metres to the Asahi Building and Stardust Club in on the second floor. On the first floor is a Yakitori restaurant and to our south there is a restaurant called Sukiyaki Iroha.

From Gion Shijyou Station: Go West from Exit 4. Cross the Shijyou Ohashi Bridge and at the Police Station turn north into the Pontocho Entrance. Go north for 50 metres.

From Sanjyou Station: Go west from Exit 6 and cross the Sanjyo Ohashi Bridge. Enter the small street between the Lawson's convenience store and Kamogawa River and, with your back to the tabacconist, turn south down Pontocho.

Kyoto City Bus G [To Gion, Heianjingu] No.'s 31, 201, 207, 46, 203

Go east along Shijyou Dori Road. Pass the Matsumoto Kiyoshi drug store on the corner of Kiyamachi street. Turn north into the road after the police station (before the Shijyou Ohashi Bridge). Go north 50 metres.

Kyoto City Bus B [To Sanjyo Keihan] No.'s 11, 12

The street between the tabacconist and the police station is the entrance to Pontocho. Enter the street and go north 50 metres.


Address: Asahi Building 2F, 50m north on the west side of Pontocho, Shijyou, Nakagyou-ku, Kyoto

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